nakasu yoinai curry mentaiko

nakasu yoinai (Fukuoka)

Nakasu Yoinai Curry Mentaiko is made by adding curry flavor to Fukuoka’s specialty mentaiko (spicy cod roe). It was developed by a Japanese restaurant, Nakasu Yoinai, to create a new, original product in the mentaiko industry of Fukuoka, where competition is incredibly fierce. The flavor of mentaiko pickled in specially-blended curry powder blossoms in your mouth, followed by the moderately spicy flavor of curry. The blending of mentaiko and curry makes a delicious combination, pairing perfectly not only with warm rice, but also with a wide range of dishes such as pasta, udon noodles or bread. The delicate curry-flavored mentaiko, unique to this Japanese restaurant, makes a perfect new type of Fukuoka souvenir, not only within Japan but also for tourists from all around the world.

nakasu yoinai (Fukuoka)

2017 Award
Genre: Food/Drink

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For gift 170g JPY1,500
For gift 300g JPY3,000
For gift 500g JPY5,000
Multi cut 500g JPY2,500
Tube type100g JPY800
(All excluding tax)