2017 Gold

The best praised OSECHI

Aussie Foods (Tokyo)

This highly praised osechi is a set of 17 carefully selected items drawn from more than 300 partner manufacturers from all across Japan. Each of the dishes and ingredients has a special meaning for celebrating the New Year and is usually served in tiered boxes called “jubako,” which represents the idea of “stacking up happiness.” The set comes with each item individually packaged, instead of the conventional pre-packing of all items in the jubako; this way, customers can enjoy a conversation about the significance of the dishes with family members while packing them in the jubako. In addition, because they are individually packaged, the flavors do not mix. Other considerations are also made, such as providing popular dishes in increased volume. It is a product that communicates the Japanese tradition of wishing happiness together while spending a quality time with family to the world.

Aussie Foods (Tokyo)

2017 Gold Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Ikura no shoyu-zuke — Salmon roe marinated in soy sauce
Kuromame — Black soybeans from Hyogo prefecture
Kohada no sujime — Vinegar tightening
Ajitsuke kazunoko – Flavored herring roe
Temaki kamaboko “Shinsen” – Handmade whitefish puree cake
Ukeian datemaki – Sweet egg and fish cake made from silkie chicken eggs
Kurumaebi no misozuke – Japanese tiger prawn dipped in miso
Nishin kombumaki – Herring rolled in kombu kelp
Tazukuri – Candied dried baby sardines
Kurikinton – Mashed chestnuts and sweet potato with candied chestnuts
Kaga renkon amazu jitate – Lotus roots marinated in vinegar
Tataki gobo – Pounded burdock root (50g)
Awabi no nigai – Boiled abalone
Japan-bred wagyu roast beef
Takenoko no tosani – Simmered bamboo shoots from Kyoto Yamashiro
Wakamomo no kanroni – Early-picked peach simmered in sweet syrup
Yaki hotate – Grilled scallop from Aomori prefecture
*Due to the characteristics of the product, its contents are subject to change.

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