Stork red and white soap

Shop moko which is kind to person nature (Hyogo)

This “Stork red and white soap” is made of red rice, an ancient variety cultivated pesticide-free using the white stork–friendly farming method conducted in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, to create a rich environment where both rice and other organisms, such as storks, can thrive. The soap set comes in two colors: a white soap containing red rice extract and a red soap containing plenty of red rice bran. Both are produced without additives and made of natural materials. They are gentle to your skin and can be used with peace of mind by babies as well as the elderly. Moreover, the soap does not harm the environment when it goes down the drain. Believed to bring good luck, red rice was a valuable offering to the Emperor and to the gods in ancient times, and is said to be one of the origins of sekihan (steamed rice with red beans), a Japanese traditional dish eaten in celebratory occasions. Made from safe and secure ecological materials, the Stork red and white soap is not only gentle to the skin, it is also friendly to the environment.

Shop moko which is kind to person nature (Hyogo)

2017 Award
Genre: Daily necessities

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JPY2,800/set (excluding tax)