2017 Gold


KAWAGUCHI Co.Ltd. (Tokyo)

A long-established manufacturer of craft tools in the Nihonbashi area of Tokyo, KAWAGUCHI presents the Cohana series, which makes use of various materials suitable for craft tools from all over Japan.
For the thread clipper, clippers by renowned shears maker Shosaburo were selected for their excellent sharpness, which has its roots in traditional sword forging skills. The clipper’s handle is wrapped in colorful Iga braid cords for a beautiful finish. For pattern weights used in Western-style sewing, Nanbu-tekki ironware was selected and turned into button shapes so that they act as both weights and craft pen holders. For the pincushion, Hyogo Prefecture’s Banshu-ori textile, known for its rich colors and pleasing texture achieved by dying the threads before they are woven, covers a wooden base made of cypress from the Kii Mountains.
Crafts involve the buildup of various steps like cutting and sewing to finally complete a piece of work. The Cohana series is produced by craft tool specialists to offer products superior in not just practicality but also in durability and beautiful design that can be cherished for a long time. Balancing charming looks and exceptional technology and quality from skilled artisans of Japan, these masterworks can be cherished by all users ranging from beginners to experts.

KAWAGUCHI Co.Ltd. (Tokyo)

2017 Gold Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Marking Pins with Glass Beads
Pincushions Made of Cypress and Banshu Textile(5 Colors)
Sewing Scissors with Wooden Handles(4 Colors)
Small Scissors with Wooden Handles(4 Colors)
Shozaburo Thread Clips Made with Iga Braids(4 Colors)
Paperweight Made of Nambu Ironware(6 Colors)
Paperweight Made of Brass
Canvas tool carriers(4 Colors)
Canvas accessory carriers(5 Colors)

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

Marking Pins with Glass Beads:JPY1,200
Pincushions Made of Cypress and Banshu Textile:JPY1,500
Sewing Scissors with Wooden Handles:JPY12,000
Small Scissors with Wooden Handles:JPY7,000
Shozaburo Thread Clips Made with Iga Braids:JPY4,300
Paperweight Made of Nambu Ironware:JPY2,300
Paperweight Made of Brass:JPY2,500
Canvas tool carriers:JPY7,800
Canvas accessory carriers:JPY1,850
(All excluding tax)