Tsubaki Uruoi Organic Facial Soap


Oil from tsubaki, or camellia, is extracted from organically grown yabutsubaki plants at a contract farm in Gotou, Nagasaki, to make Tsubaki Uruoi Organic Facial Soap, produced using a traditional method that requires about 90 days from preparation to finish. The tsubaki oil, which is made from tsubaki seeds grown in a chemical-free environment, is extracted using the traditional cold press method. The soap base features honey added to the maximum limit, just enough to keep it from separating, as well as catechin to enhance cleansing power, squalene oil to moisturize, and fragrant yuzu oil. The result is a gentle soap that cleans without stripping away moisture, leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated. Each handmade soap goes through the painstaking process of kettle-cooking, salting out, molding and long-term maturing, and is finally carefully dried. The finished soap creates a velvety lather and keeps its shape, embodying the manufacturer’s kind consideration for its users.


2017 Award
Genre: Daily necessities

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paper package JPY2,400 (excluding tax)
wood box JPY2,500 (excluding tax)
wood box of 2 JPY5,000 (excluding tax)
wood box of 5 JPY10,000 (excluding tax)

Limited item:
260gm large block (wood box) JPY10,000 (excluding tax)