Sakurayukihada Natural 3D face mask

Shizen-do Japan Beauty Institute,Inc. (Tokyo)

Sakurayukihada Natural 3D face mask gently cradles your skin and touches the heart. Keeping the belief in mind that a mask must be safe to be placed on a women’s sensitive skin, the only ingredients contained in the masks are 100% organic essential oils. In addition, the masks are made of 100% Japanese cotton and do not contain perfumes or artificial colors. It is a product that you can feel safe and secure about in many different ways. By applying the face mask during a relaxing time before going to bed, the natural aroma can relieve stress and helps promote sleep. We recommend using this item before going to sleep to pamper yourself and help you relax.

Shizen-do Japan Beauty Institute,Inc. (Tokyo)

2017 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


4 sheets per package

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JPY 1800 (excluding tax)
Set of 3 boxes JPY 5400 (excluding tax)