2017 Gold

Vegetabo Crayons (Aomori)

Our Vegetabo Crayons are innovative crayons made of discarded vegetables and rice oil. The wax, which is the primary material in the crayons, is made from the rice bran oil that is a byproduct of cleaning rice. This wax is then mixed with powders produced from vegetables that are grown in Aomori Prefecture. These pigments are the same as those used as food dyes. The amount of dye used is less than one-third of that used in common crayons, but all ingredients are made from food products, which makes them completely safe even if children put the crayons in their mouths. There are no artificial bright colors included in our Vegetabo Crayons: all of them are soft and natural. Each of the ten crayons has been named after real fruits and vegetables, such as “apple,” “corn” and “cabbage,” allowing you to further appreciate the warm shades of real vegetables. These are perfect crayons, as they can also serve as an educational tool for teaching children about vegetables. (Aomori)

2017 Gold Award
Genre: Daily necessities


10 different colors

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JPY2,000 (excluding tax)