Handmade Dorayaki Set


With this set, you can enjoy making dorayaki at home with friends and family. Dorayaki is a popular Japanese sweet consisting of two castella-like pancakes with sweet red bean paste inside. This set comes with two types of homemade sweet bean paste (“anko”): The tsubuan (chunky red bean paste) is made from large red beans called Dainagon from Hokkaido which has a soft texture and a skin that does not break easily when cooked. The white bean tsubuan is made using the rare, high-quality white azuki bean from Hokkaido, which is much sought-after premium bean paste for its refreshing flavor and smooth texture while retaining a strong azuki bean flavor. Using safe, high-quality eggs laid by chickens raised on carefully-selected feed at Kannan Farm in Tamba City in Hyogo Prefecture, the dough for the pancakes has a moist and soft texture and a rich flavor. You can enjoy making regular dorayaki with anko, but also it is recommended to make your original dorayaki using your favorite toppings such as fruit and whipped cream. In addition, the anko paste can be used as sweet spread to apply on a toast and a topping for ice cream. Committed to using only the finest ingredients, Houraidou will continue to offer delicious sweets that are safe and reliable.

2022 2nd session Award
Set content:
- Pancakes for dorayaki (2 pieces x 6 packs)
- Tsubuan (chunky red bean paste; 170 g)
- Shiro adzuki tsubuan (white bean paste; 170 g)
JPY1,857 (excluding tax)