Kanazawa Sweet An-Spread

Sanada An Corp.(Ishikawa)

Made with Japan’s traditional vegetables from areas such as Kaga and Noto, the novel “an” sweet spread has a soft texture that is easy to dip or apply on bread, yogurt and ice cream. The company has specialized in “an” (or “anko”) sweet paste used in Japanese sweets since its founding in 1947 in Kanazawa, a city famous for traditional Japanese confections. In addition to the standard tsubu-an and koshi-an azuki bean paste, the company has several hundred recipes of various anko, but since its products are mainly for professional use, there was no opportunity to offer them directly to consumers. Hence, the company created its house brand “An no Sanada” 10 years ago. Under the concept of “an” artisans creating “an” they think are truly delicious, the brand offers products made with select ingredients and without preservatives, artificial coloring or specific allergens.
Cooked to a moderate sweetness using tensaito sugar rich in oligosaccharide, these “an” products have a demure yet distinct Japanese color to them, bringing out to the fullest the natural flavors and colors of the ingredients of beans and vegetables. They can be safely enjoyed by anyone, from small children to people with dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, vegan and those on a gluten-free diet. Enjoy nutritious anko conveniently any time from the busy morning to late-night snacks, and discover your favorite “an” type.

Sanada An Corp.
2022 2nd session Gold Award
Four types
- Noto Dainagon An-Spread (made from valuable, large-sized Noto Dainagon azuki bean, called the gems of Oku-Noto)
- Gorojima Kintoki Sweet Potato An-Spread (made from baked Gorojima Kintoki sweet potato grown in Kaga)
- Utsugi Red-skinned Sweet Chestnut Pumpkin An-Spread (made from Kanazawa’s specialty pumpkin that is sweet like chestnuts)
- Kaga Boucha Tea An-Spread (made from Kaga region’s traditional hojicha tea, which uses stems instead of leaves)
- JPY720 per item (excluding tax)
- Set of three jars in a decorative box: JPY2,600 (excluding tax)