Japanese Folding Fan with Silver Leaf “Hakuzu” 

Kinsai Workshop Yonehara(Kyoto)

This product is a series of Japanese folding fans that inherit the wisdom of Japanese people’s lifestyle from ancient times, and infused with Japanese modern design to keep you cool while adding sophistication to your look. Japan’s unique idea of beauty often depicted in Japanese literature and performing arts such as “yugen,” which refers to beauty only partially perceived, and “Mono no aware” meaning awareness of impermanence of things, are reflected in the designs by applying an ancient technique to express light using silver leaf. Deeply rooted to the history and culture of the country, these traditional folding fans are the epitome of traditional aesthetics and subtleties that are the basics of Japanese people’s creativity. Careful attention has been taken to detail from the size that is best for carrying to the color of bamboo, the form when being closed and the number of sticks, so as to bring out the utmost beauty and elegance. It is a fine handmade item achieved by a collaboration of experienced artisans, each specializing in different steps of the production process, such as the finish of surface, folding and final assembling.
Originally, Japanese folding fans were pieces of wood used as notes and put together in a shape of fan, which is said to have existed as old as 600 A.D. Although their usage and forms changed with the times, sometimes used as an item of etiquette, for shrine rituals or for Buddhist services, folding fans have been always treasured by Japanese people alongside of swords.

Kinsai Workshop Yonehara
2022 1st session Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Two types total
- Japanese Folding Fan with Silver Leaf “Hakuzu” 1
Three colors total (Black x black bone, Black x yakihaku, White x yakihaku)
- Japanese Folding Fan with Silver Leaf “Hakuzu” 2
Three colors total (Black x black bone, Black x yakihaku, White x yakihaku)
JPY7,000 (excluding tax)