Niche Kabushiki Kaisha(Tokyo)

The cacaosic series is a 10mm-thick chocolate sandwiched between Langue De Chat cookies that lets you enjoy a new texture. The chocolate would be too thick and hard to eat as it is, but a soft texture that melts in your mouth was brought out by aerating the chocolate. As a result, the crisp cookies made using Hokkaido’s wheat flour and the smooth chocolate offer a unique texture contrast. It can be stored at room temperature below 28 degrees Celsius, making it an ideal souvenir or gift convenient to carry around. Based on the hope of bringing the same excitement that you feel when picking up your favorite cosmetics, the simple package is inspired by an image of a cosmetic. Each piece comes in a box made of eco-friendly, non-wood fiber paper containing bagasse pulp, which is a by-product of sugarcane processing. The company is working on product and package development to bring joy from the moment the customers pick them up.

Niche Kabushiki Kaisha
2022 1st session Award
Five kinds
- cacaosic pistachio
- cacaosic strawberry
- cacaosic Mont Blanc
- cacaosic pistachio × strawberry
- cacaosic pistachio × Mont Blanc
- Set of 4 pieces JPY1,460
- Set of 6 pieces JPY2,190
- Set of 8 pieces JPY2,920
(All excluding tax)