GE Wellness Co., Ltd.(Hyogo)

EDOBIO, name derived from “Edo” and “Bio,” is a skincare brand born in Japan that integrates the latest biotechnology with simple beauty rituals that have been appreciated in Japan since the Edo period.
EDOBIO Floradiance series is a soap that emerged from simple and natural ingredients. Using its proprietary BiProGE® Lactic Acid Bacteria as a key ingredient, carefully selected natural ingredients are added abundantly.
In response to the growing awareness of the SDGs in recent years, the Vegan Black Soap has been newly added to the lineup. Blended with charcoal, the soap is produced with 78.9% natural ingredients. In consideration of the environment, the brand is also committed to create packages with eco-friendly materials such as vegetable oil ink, FSC-certified papers and thinned natural cypress wood.

GE Wellness Co., Ltd.
2022 1st session Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Two kinds
- EDOBIO Moisturizing Soufflé Soap
*Three outer box variations: Masu, Matsu, Paper
- EDOBIO Vegan Black Soap
JPY2,800 – JPY3,800 (all excluding tax)
- EDOBIO Moisturizing Soufflé Soap 
Masu JPY3,800
Matsu JPY3,200
Paper JPY2,800
- EDOBIO Vegan Black Soap JPY3,000