NOZ timepieces made of natural wood and stone

ALSERU Co., Ltd.(Saitama)

NOZ timepieces are a series of watches made with natural stone and wood, limited to exclusive pre-order production. All carefully handcrafted, each stone undergoes a number of cutting and sorting to ensure that only the most beautifully colored and brilliant ones are used. The production process, which includes the selection of materials according to strict standards, is extremely difficult. However, the effort in selecting only the best materials so that the user can truly appreciate their beauty represents the company’s omotenashi spirit. Also, the wooden pieces of the watch have been polished several times until the smoothest touch and feel are achieved. NOZ timepieces are also surprisingly lightweight despite their size made large so that users can enjoy the beauty of natural stones. The secret lies in the wooden materials, which are very light and comfortable to wear on the wrist. The stainless steel employed for the metal parts is used for medical purposes, and because most of the parts that touch the skin are made of wood, the watches are also suitable for people with sensitive skin. The brand name derived from the founder’s name “Nozomi” meaning “wish” in Japanese, also conveys the company’s hope that the wishes of the wearer come true. No mater how time and effort consuming the process may be, the company focuses on making a unique combination of grain patterns of the natural materials for each watch to ensure that no single piece is ever the same.

ALSERU Co., Ltd.
2022 1st session Award
Six types:
- Quartz Model
- Quartz Model Rurikomon
- Quartz Model Geometry Lapis
- Double Movement Model
- Double Movement Model Meteorite
- Pocket Watch
JPY29,910 – JPY108,910 (All excluding tax)
- Quartz Model JPY29,910
- Quartz Model Rurikomon JPY38,455
- Quartz Model Geometry Lapis JPY38,455
- Double Movement Model JPY54,364
- Double Movement Model Meteorite JPY108,910
- Pocket Watch JPY57,091