Hand-rolled sushi party experience kit


This is a perfect set for those who want to enjoy an authentic Japanese hand-rolled sushi experience. It comes with a detailed instruction (how to make sushi rice, explanations about each item, etc.), well-selected roasted nori seaweeds exclusive for hand-rolled sushi, and all other tools/items so that you can easily prepare it on your own. In pursuit of authenticity, careful attention has been taken to detail in designing each item. For example, the shamoji rice paddle made from Hinoki cypress enhances the flavor of the rice with its subtle scent. For the chopsticks to lift the ingredients, domestic cherry wood is used for the material while the anti-slip design makes it easier to use for those who are not familiar with chopsticks. Most importantly, the set includes seven orizuru paper cranes that can be used to convey the spirit of omotenashi for the guests. Now that we have overcome the hard times in which people were not able to see their loved ones, it is the company’s hope that this authentic Japanese omotenashi product can help people share the joy of cooking together and simply enjoy being reunited and show appreciation for each other.

2022 1st session Gold Award
The set contains:
- Nori for hand-rolled sushi produced by a well-established company with 86-year history x 1 pack (half size x 50 sheets)
- Shamoji rice paddle made of Japanese Hinoki cypress x 1
- Chopsticks made of cherry wood x 2
- Tenugui towel (mameshibori pattern with kanji letters) x 1
- Soy sauce dish (outer color: black, inner color: red) x 2
- Sushi-oke tub (red hyotan pattern) x 1
- Uchiwa fan x 1
- Recipe booklet

*Comes with seven orizuru (paper cranes) that can be used to convey the omotenashi spirit of the host.
*The gift box has Yosegi wood mosaic pattern designed in rainbow colors
JPY7,000 (excluding tax)