Handmade Buffalo Horn Eyeglass Frame

Optique Nakanishi(Fukuoka)

The Buffalo Eyewear Frame is made from horns of water buffalos that had been raised as livestock in western India and died of old age. One of the few Edo-period eyewear frame technicians in the country, the company does not rely on outsourcing, and makes small lots of mainly handmade frames, avoiding overproduction. The manufacturing procedure takes up to 280 steps, using only the minimal amount of machine processing to focus on individual frames. Utilizing this technique, the Buffalo Eyewear Frame is made starting with observing the horn’s pattern, determining the suitable place for the frame and carving it out from a single block. Few manufacturers in Japan can create buffalo horn frames, and the company is especially adept at techniques in bending horns. Normally, because bending horns is quite difficult, the hinge section has a spring embedded; however, this product can use hinges that are usually found in plastic frames. In addition, by applying special heat treatment to the temple arm, it achieved a resilient touch. Not many has the technique to bend the frame conforming to the shape of the face, and it is even rarer for horn frames. Because each person’s head is shaped differently, it is also possible to increase or decrease the arc. Furthermore, the frame comes with a magewappa box (wooden container made by bending the wood into a circular box, often used for bento lunch boxes or serving rice), which has moisture retaining capabilities and can safely store the frame to be cherished for generations.

Optique Nakanishi
2021 2nd session Award
Genre:Daily necessities
8 colors
- No.WS
- No.NS
- No.SK
- No.2
- No.2.5
- No.3
- No.4
- No.CL
JPY180,000 – JPY250,000 (All excluding tax)
- No.WS: JPY230,000
- No.NS: JPY250,000
- No.SK: JPY250,000
- No.2: JPY230,000
- No.2.5: JPY210,000
- No.3: JPY180,000
- No.4: JPY180,000
- No.CL: JPY230,000