Pan Oishiimama


These bags are designed to keep the bread fresh and tasty for longer simply by storing it inside. Bread free of preservatives tend to become stale the next day, so you can use the bag to freeze freshly baked bread at a bakery that you tend to buy too much because they look delicious, homemade bread as well as leftover bread to enjoy them for a longer time.
The bags are effective in keeping the bread tasty and prevent freezer burn due to frost developed inside the bag when frozen, and avoid mold when stored in room temperature. Simply put the bread inside the bag and seal it with a clip. You can wash and dry them after each use as the bags are reusable. Also made available for business use, the products are used for frozen bread delivery service which is recently increasing in Japan.
Because bread is a relatively a new addition to the Japanese diet, a unique culture has developed in the country by adopting free-minded ideas and Japanese twists. These exclusive bags for keeping bread fresh also represent a part of such unique Japanese culture while also being sustainable as they are reusable and can reduce food waste.

2021 Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Two types
Large size (for 1 loaf of bread)
Small size (for 1/2 loaf of bread)
Large size (3 bags for 1 loaf of bread) JPY450
Small size (5 bags for 1/2 loaf of bread) JPY450
(All excluding tax)