Smoked Seasoning Series


Based on the company motto of “Creating a cozy space,” Kanda Kamekichi brand offers smoked seasoning series that combines Japanese and Western elements. The logo represents the brand name “Kamekichi” which means turtle and good fortune. Turtle itself is also seen as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity since ancient times in Japan. The design that expresses the shape of a tortoiseshell with the symbol inside representing the word “fortune” in Chinese divination conveys the company’s hope to offer products that can be an ideal gift on celebratory occasions. In addition, the Ichimatsu checkered pattern used in the packaging is one of Japan’s traditional designs recognized around the world. The bottle made of “gyoku” white opal glass, which is rarely used for food products, exudes a luxurious feel bringing sophistication to your dining room. Smoking is a method that takes much time and diligence. The company is dedicated to manufacturing with the utmost care by selecting the optimal smoking style suited to each food and climate from cold smoking, hot smoking and warm smoking styles so as to upgrade your everyday meals easily with these full-flavored seasonings.

2021 2nd session Gold Award
Six kinds
- Smoked mayonnaise
- Smoked soy sauce
- Smoked olive oil
- Smoked dressing
- Smoked mentaiko mayonnaise
- Smoked wasabi mayonnaise
*30 g/150 g
- Smoked mayonnaise 150 g JPY800
- Smoked soy sauce 150 g JPY900
- Smoked olive oil 150g JPY900
- Smoked dressing 150 g JPY900
- Smoked mentaiko mayonnaise 150 g JPY900
- Smoked wasabi mayonnaise 150 g JPY900
*A set of 3 x 30 g JPY1,000
(All excluding tax)