Kagura Nanban green pepper oil

WATAYA CO., LTD.(Niigata)

This green “rayu,” or Japanese chili oil, was made from Kagura Nanban green chili peppers that are local specialty of Ojiya City in Niigata Prefecture. It has a refreshing and mild pungency as well as unique flavors derived from Kagura Nanban chili peppers. The pungency is felt later so you can add a touch of flavor without affecting the natural taste of the dish while the beautiful green color of the oil brightens up the dining table. It can be used as a flavor agent in various dishes as it is like a Japanese olive oil with a bit of spiciness. You can enjoy a dramatic change in flavor by adding just a little bit to a soup. This product was originally born during the development of new menus for a soba noodle restaurant. It became so popular among the customers at the restaurant, so the company has decided to commercialize it with the aim to support the Kagura Nanban chili pepper farmers in Shiodani district of Ojiya City, which was severely damaged by the Niigata Chuetsu earthquake. The package has been renewed to the current design and has been well received. The product has won the grand prize in spice category and special jury prize at the Seasonings Championship respectively in 2020 and 2018; the excellent award in seasoning category of the Cuisine Kingdom magazine award in 2017; and selected one of top 30 products at the Supermarket Trade Show 2017.

2021 1st session Award
Net weight
45 g
JPY680 (excluding tax)