IKONIH is a sustainable brand that uses hinoki cypress, one of the most famous trees in Japan, to convey to the world through its products the beauty, scent, functionality such as antibacterial properties of the tree as well as the need to protect hinoki forests in Japan. Hinoki is a softwood and you can feel the grain and texture of the wood when you touch it, which helps you explore your five senses. One of the charms of hinoki wood is that the longer you use it, the more it will change to a deeper golden amber color, allowing users to enjoy the “beauty that blooms with time” unique to the wood. Hinoki wood is also known for its high deodorizing and antibacterial properties, but in addition to that, research has proved that its scent has relaxing effects such as calming the autonomic nervous system and relieving stress. On the other hand, most of the forests in Japan are not being properly managed due to decrease in demand for domestic timber, causing several serious issues such as landslides. In addition, short pieces of timber that cannot be used as construction materials are left in the forests, which may spread the damage in times of disaster. With such circumstances of Japan’s mountain forests in mind, IKONIH was born out of the idea of maximizing the use of wood. The company believes that appropriate use of wood through right timber harvesting forms the core of manufacturing of products that are friendly to both nature and people, which would create conditions for trees to grow in abundance for future generations.

2021 1st session Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Mini Kitchen, Rattle Series, Building Blocks, Ikonih House, Alphabet, Music Car, Music Train,
Music Truck, Music Bus, Drop Box, 26-Sided Storage Game, Octa Lines, Number Tower, Swing Bubbles, Jumbo Swing Bubbles, Refrigerator, Transportation Series, Working Set, Downhill Runner, Parking Tower, Food Set, Rocking Horse, Vehicle Series, Mechanic Set, Fishing Set

[IKONIH Furniture]
Kids Chair, Kids Desk, Stacking Chair, Building Blocks Deluxe, Book Shelf, Swirl

[IKONIH Accessory]
Hinoki Sachet, Essential Hinoki Mist, Aroma Pillow

Pool Fence, Option Fence Slope, Option Fence Dam, Option Fence Pinball, Hinoki Wooden Round Ball, Hinoki Wooden Egg Ball, Hinoki Wooden Gourd Ball
- IKONIH Toys: JPY6,500 – JPY42,000
- IKONIH Furniture: JPY18,000 – JPY65,000
- IKONIH Accessory: JPY350 – JPY2,000
- IKONIH Pool: JPY30,000 - JPY75,000

Mini Kitchen JPY20,000
Rattle Series JPY8,500
Building Blocks JPY7,500
Ikonih House JPY15,000
Alphabet JPY8,500
Music Car JPY6,500
Music Train JPY7,500
Music Truck JPY7,500
Music Bus JPY8,500
Drop Box JPY9,500
26-Sided Storage Game JPY9,000
Octa Lines JPY8,500
Number Tower JPY8,800
Swing Bubbles JPY9,000
Jumbo Swing Bubbles JPY16,000
Refrigerator JPY12,000
Transportation Series JPY8,500
Working Set JPY20,000
Downhill Runner JPY15,000
Parking Tower JPY12,000
Food Set JPY12,000
Rocking Horse JPY42,000
Vehicle Series JPY7,000
Mechanic Set JPY18,000
Mechanic Set JPY12,000

[IKONIH Furniture]
Kids Chair JPY20,000
Kids Desk JPY33,000
Stacking Chair JPY18,000
Building Blocks Deluxe JPY40,000
Book Shelf JPY65,000
Swirl JPY22,000

[IKONIH Accessory]
Hinoki Sachet JPY1,345
Essential Hinoki Mist JPY2,000
Aroma Pillow JPY350

Pool Fence JPY30,000
Option Fence Slope JPY60,000
Option Fence Dam JPY60,000
Option Fence Pinball JPY60,000
Hinoki Wooden Round Ball (700 pieces) JPY70,000
Hinoki Wooden Egg Ball (500 pieces) JPY75,000
Hinoki Wooden Gourd Ball (450 pieces) JPY67,500
(All excluding tax)