2021 MIRACLE-KUN Oriental Zodiac Bottle Ox 35°500ml

Chuko Awamori Distillery Co., Ltd.(Okinawa)

In a project spanning 12 years, these awamori liquor bottles are designed in collaboration with Miracle-kun, the 11-year-old illustrator prodigy from Okinawa, featuring the Oriental zodiac’s 12-year cycle of animals for each year. Follow the growth of the young artist through the 12 years with each bottle. They are perfect as lucky charms to decorate the home’s entrance or living room, or as gifts for New Year or for someone special who is starting a new chapter in life.
[About the Awamori]
Blended by Tsutomu Oshiro, master blender of Chuko Distillery, the company’s own undiluted vintage liquors are combined in an original blend that has a smooth feel followed by a vanilla aroma. The awamori is finished with an alcohol content of 35%, and you can also enjoy the aging for 12 years.
[About Miracle-kun]
Miracle-kun is the oldest son of Hideki Shiroma, head of design company DOKUTOKU460 based in Okinawa. Born on the year of the ox and currently 11 years old, Miracle-kun has achieved much in his over two-year career as an illustrator, including holding two solo exhibitions and being invited for an interview by former soccer Japan national team member Keisuke Honda in January 2020. He has collaborated with businesses both inside and outside Okinawa in various product designs, and in December 2020, became the youngest artist ever to hold a solo exhibition at Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum.

Chuko Awamori Distillery Co., Ltd.
2021 1st session Award
Net weight
500 ml
JPY3,000 (excluding tax)