Made in a cast iron factory, the Chochirin is an endeavor by a casting technician certified in jewelry production. Measuring approximately 52 mm in width and height, and achieving an extreme thinness of 1.5 mm (patent pending), the product weighs only 90 grams despite being made from metal. The lantern-inspired shape is dotted with 47 holes in a checkered pattern, creating a mystical atmosphere when illuminated from within. As a wind chime, it takes in and senses the wind from outside, and its tinkling tone also becomes part of the interior décor. From ancient times, wind chimes have been believed to ward off evil with its ringing. Furthermore, the Chochirin also hangs a paper strip of the Yogen no Tori, a prophetic bird appearing in ancient record books preserved in the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum, said to keep away plagues when gazed up at in the morning and evening. As keeping the room ventilated is an important wellbeing measure these days, swing this wind chime to pray for good health as the pleasant tinkle and resonance sooth your mind and body. In addition, the company proposes a new use for the Chochirin as a pet memorial item. For example, it can be used as a Buddhist altar, with its chime and shimmering light taking place of the orin bell bowl and candles, to remember a beloved passed pet with a photo display. Moreover, the Lucent Pendant (Silver 925, fitted with rechargeable LED light), which is a miniature version of the Chochirin, is also introduced as an amulet jewelry product that protects your pet with light and sound. Made of silver, it can be used as matching jewelry for pet and family members (design registration No. 16779536).

2021 1st session Award
Genre:Daily necessities
・Chochirin version (with Sanada cord strap)
・Andon Lantern version (with pet photo strip)
・Lucent Pendant (Shining amulet jewelry: a lantern-shaped pet amulet)
5 types of chains: 55 cm (50-55 cm), 50 cm (45-50 cm), for pets S (20-25 cm), for pets M (25-30 cm), for pets L (30-35 cm)
・Chochirin version (with Sanada cord strap)
・Andon Lantern version (with pet photo strip)
Base color in 2 types: silver, black
12 colors: red, yellow, blue, green, purple, pink, light blue, light green, light purple, light pink, white, black
・Lucent Pendant (Shining amulet jewelry: a lantern-shaped pet amulet)
Base color in 5 types: pink, gold, black, gunmetal, platinum
Ultra-compact rechargeable LED light: 9 types
8 solid colors: green, red, purple, blue, yellow, orange, white, light blue
1 irregular color: 7 color gradations
JPY3,182 – JPY14,300 (All excluding tax)
・Chochirin version
With light JPY3,600
Without light JPY3,182

・Andon Lantern version
With light stand JPY7,800
With light stand and hanging light JPY9,200

・Lucent Pendant (Shining amulet jewelry: a lantern-shaped pet amulet)
50cm chain, 60cm chain, for pets S, for pets M, for pets L JPY27,000