ON THE UMAMI Dashi Packs

FUTABA Co., Ltd.(Niigata)

ON THE UMAMI series proposes ideas beyond foods as an “expansive life-style brand with UMAMI at the core” to enrich people’s life. Its mainstay broth pack series was developed to let anyone easily enjoy authentic Japanese broth. Made using a variety of ingredients, it also conveys the hope of the company to offer an opportunity to learn difference in food culture by regions as well as enjoy selecting broth depending on the dish. In order to keep the product quality consistent to deliver the same flavor at all times, the broths are produced based on scientific analysis as well as sensory analysis by experienced craftsmen. Umami flavor of each ingredient is brought out and illustrated on a tongue map, or taste map that shows different sections of the tongue responsible exclusively for each taste, so that the customers can easily understand. In addition to making soup stock, the products provide recipes that use the content of the pack itself in the dish allowing users enjoy the delicious taste at ease. Made without using any ingredients of animal origin, vegetable and tomato dashi have acquired the first vegan certification in Japan for broth packs. In addition, all products are made from domestic ingredients and no chemical seasonings or preservatives are used so that they can be used safely by people of all ages from children to the elderly.

FUTABA Co., Ltd.
2021 1st session Gold Award
UMAMI dashi Bonito and kombu
UMAMI dashi Awase
UMAMI dashi Iriko
UMAMI dashi Ago
UMAMI dashi Veggies
UMAMI dashi Chicken
UMAMI dashi Kombu
UMAMI dashi Tomato
UMAMI dashi Bonito and kombu (low sodium)
UMAMI dashi Veggies (low sodium)
UMAMI dashi Chicken (low sodium)
Satori dashi Honkarebushi (aged dried bonito)
Satori dashi Bonito and kombu
UMAMI dashi for babies Veggies
UMAMI dashi for babies Awase
UMAMI dashi for babies Kombu
UMAMI dashi for babies Bonito
UMAMI dashi for babies Chicken tenderloin
UMAMI dashi for babies Sea bream
UMAMI-no-tabi (5 flavors)
UMAMI-no-tabi (8 flavors)
JPY600 each (excluding tax)
*UMAMI-no-tabi (8 flavors) JPY1,000 (excluding tax)
Gold Award winner for two consecutive years from 2020 to 2021