Fuga Co., Ltd.(Kumamoto)

Famed as one of Japan’s leading nori (seaweed) cultivation areas, the Ariake Sea in Kyushu region has the largest difference in tide level at low tide and high tide; therefore, it enables the seaweed to absorb abundant of nutrients during high tide, while at low tide, the seaweed is exposed in the full sunshine. These unique conditions in the Ariake Sea make the area ideal for growing melt-in-the-mouth nori packed with rich umami flavors. Produced by Fuga, which was formerly a nori specialty store, Fugamaki series is all hand-made by wrapping magegashi (bean snack) with nori from Ariake, one by one. In addition to focusing on using the best quality nori, the mamegashi are also made carefully by coating various types of beans such as soybeans, peanuts and cashew nuts with a crunchy batter than are then flavored with soy sauce, wasabi, plum and other ingredients. Wrapping round mamegashi with a crispy nori sheet requires a skill and can be only achieved by hand work of artisans who have great knowledge of nori. Enjoy the rich flavors of the Ariake Sea and the savory mamegashi as well as the perfect balance of crispy and crunchy textures.

Fuga Co., Ltd.
2021 1st session Gold Award
11 types
Soy sauce soybean
Wasabi soybean
Soy sauce peanut
Salted peanut
Ume plum peanut
Soy sauce cashew nut
Salted cashew nut
Soy sauce broad bean
Soy sauce almond
Soy sauce pistachio
Cheese arare
Net weight
- 10 pieces
Soy sauce soybean, Wasabi soybean, Soy sauce peanut, Salted peanut, Cheese arare
- 8 pieces
Soy sauce broad bean, Ume plum peanut
- 6 pieces
Soy sauce cashew nut, Salted cashew nut, Soy sauce almond, Soy sauce pistachio
JPY600 (excluding tax)