Tin Sculpted Chopstick Holder

Takenaka Bronze Works Co., Ltd.(Toyama)

The chopstick holder is shaped after the Mukai Tsuru (facing cranes), a traditional Japanese auspicious design. The crane is a symbol of longevity and health, and the two cranes facing each other signifies a harmonious marriage. It is a perfect ornament to brighten the dining table for a hearty gathering, family celebration or any happy occasion. The material is tin, which is malleable and can be bent to change its shape by hand. By slightly bending the crane’s wings and neck upward, the appearance becomes even more festive, and also helps to keep the chopsticks from rolling off. Also, tin is known to be resistant to oxidizing, and when submerged in water, the tin ion keeps the water from spoiling. Thus, another use would be to display it inside a flower bowl or clear vase so that cut flowers last longer. In addition, you can use the space in between the crane’s neck and wings to put up a small message card or seating card. The beautiful chopstick holder is a useful tool for communication with your loved ones, as well as a wonderful addition to decorate a celebratory table.

Takenaka Bronze Works Co., Ltd.
2021 1st session Gold Award
Genre:Daily necessities
4 types
- Mukai Tsuru (facing cranes)
- Mukai Kame (facing tortoises)
- Meoto Tsuru (husband and wife cranes)
- Choju Tsuru Kame (long-life crane and tortoise)
JPY3,000 (excluding taxes)