TAIYO CO., LTD.(Osaka)

These antibacterial and antifungal sheets inhibit the growth of fungus and bacteria while preventing mold and unpleasant odors by simply hanging them in places where mold is likely to occur such as indoors, bathrooms, toilets, closets, shoe boxes, garbage containers, under the sink and in a car. It takes up very little space and does not require much effort. Instead of masking or absorbing the odors, the sheets inhibit the propagation of bacteria that causes mold and unpleasant odors. The antibacterial/antifungal agent on the sheets vaporizes and permeates throughout the area to cleanse the entire air. Replace the sheet when the color starts fading. The sheet can be cut out in the shape of the bird to adjust the amount to be used according to the location. Both the bird-shaped part and the remaining part can be used. The products have been featured on various media including TV, newspapers and magazines. They are also receiving favorable comments from customers around Japan and the series’ cumulative shipment reached 2.5 million in July 2020. The company is also developing products that meet the needs of their customers and applications in hope that people who have problems of bad odors and molds in their homes can feel the effect and get impressed with their products. By doing so, the company believes it would lead to social contribution, which is also their goal.

2021 1st session Gold Award
Genre:Daily necessities
6 types
- Versatile type
- For bathroom
- For air-conditioner
- For mite control
- For shoes and boots
- For washing machine tub
JPY743 – JPY934 (All excluding tax)
- Versatile type JPY934
- For bathroom JPY934
- For air-conditioner JPY934
- For mite control JPY934
- For shoes and boots JPY743
- For washing machine tub JPY838