Hakata-ori zipper wallet


Hakata-ori zipper wallet has realized a dream collaboration, in which Japan’s finest Hakata-ori silk textile and a tanned leather made from top quality genuine cow leather are entirely sewn together by hand. Combining these two highest-quality materials, the company produced an excellent product that can be used for many years. Produced in Fukuoka City, Hakata-ori is a silk textile which is made by weaving a number of thin warps and thick wefts made by twisting multiple thin yarns together. Designated as a national traditional craft in 1976, Hakata-ori textile celebrated its 777th anniversary in 2018, an outstanding milestone. Since Hakata-ori silk textile is supple yet durable thanks to its manufacturing method, it has gained one of the best evaluations in Japan as a textile used for kimono obi belts. However, traditional crafts may not be familiar to younger generations as not many traditional crafts for daily use targeting young people have been produced. With this in mind, the company has decided to create the wallet and commercialize it with a hope of providing a wider audience with more opportunities to use the wonderful textile on a daily basis. Tanned leather that is sewn together in the wallet becomes more and more unique and personalized as it becomes used for a long period of time. The material absorbs the oil of your hands and becomes naturally glossy in sunlight, and slowly changes to a gorgeous caramel brown color. The wallet can be enjoyed even after 10 years, letting you appreciate the changes in color unique to yourself.

2020 2nd session Award
Genre:Daily necessities
3 colors
Konjo (Navy blue), Kokutan (Black), Shironeri (White)
JPY29,800 (excluding tax)