CARE:SOKU series

Yamachu Co.Ltd.(Niigata)

Yamachu, a socks manufacturer boasting a 60-year history, has been working on product development by employing the latest measurement technology through several joint researches with foot specialists. Based on the concept of chemoprophylaxis (therapeutic to prevent the occurrence of a disease), the company has developed various socks with special functions that prevent foot health issues such as foot deformity (hallux valgus, bunionette, splayfoot, etc.), cracked heels, and poor circulation in lower legs, while improving the health of your feet just by wearing them. Motivated toward addressing social issues in healthcare through products, Yamachu positions the CARE:SOKU series, comprised of three product categories that respectively boast “maintenance,” “moisturizing,” and “warming” functions, as foot health ware that goes beyond the conventional concept of socks.

Yamachu Co.Ltd.
2020 2nd session Award
Genre:Daily necessities
- Maintenance (Walking)
5 sizes (22cm-23cm, 23cm-24cm, 24cm-25cm, 25cm-26cm, 26cm-28cm)
5 colors (Blue, Pink, Gray, Black, White)
- Maintenance (Basic)
5 sizes (22cm-23cm, 23cm-24cm, 24cm-25cm, 25cm-26cm, 26cm-28cm)
6 colors (Mustard, Red, Navy, Light Gray, White, Black) 
*Size over 26cm not available for Red color
- Moisturizing heel socks
7 colors (Coral Pink, Aqua Blue, Lavender, Yellow, Beige, Light Gray, Black)
- Moisturizing and relaxing
Sizes (22cm-25cm, 25cm-27cm)
5 colors (Ivory, Mocha, Mist Blue, Light Gray, Black)
-Long warm socks
One-size-fits-all (22cm-25cm)
4 colors (Dark Red, Moss Green, Beige, Gray)
JPY1,750 – JPY4,800 (All excluding tax)
Maintenance (Walking) JPY2,500 – JPY2,650
Maintenance (Basic) JPY3,000 – JPY3,200
Moisturizing heel socks JPY1,750
Moisturizing and relaxing JPY2,000 – JPY2,100
Long warm socks JPY4,800