Homemade Apple Pie

Highness Co., Ltd.(Gumma)

The Homemade Apple Pie is made using 100% Fukiware apples grown in the Tone Numata area in Gunma Prefecture, which is a leading producing area of apples. The apples are delivered directly from farmers and the company entirely handles the production process from peeling to processing. Blessed with a climate suited for apple production, such as large difference in temperature between day and night and long sunshine hours, Tone Numata is a leading apple producer in Gunma. The company produces simple homemade apple pies without adding cream or cinnamon so that you can enjoy the taste of baked apple itself. In order to bring out the taste of the Fukiware apple to the full, processed apples are directly wrapped in a pie sheet. Since it does not contain any spices, it has a gentle taste that is pleasing also to children. The company began producing the apple pie throughout trial and error, hoping to convey the charm of Gunma and the Tone Numata area both locally and globally. Not only the taste of the pie itself, but you can also feel the devotion of the apple farmers as well as the beautiful nature of the area and the kind heart of the local people.

Highness Co., Ltd.
2020 2nd session Award
Apple Pie: Small
Apple Pie: Large
JPY900 (excluding tax)
JPY1,600 (excluding tax)