Koharu Tobe ware aroma stone (Red and white camellia Japonica)


Inspired by Tsubaki (camellia), which is a symbol flower of Matsuyama City in Ehime Prefecture, TSUBAKI NO OMOTENASHI is a fragrance brand that offers products that evoke a multi-sensory experience.
“Fragrance cleanses your mind and adds colors to a scene.”
Camellia flowers that blossom in their glory despite the cold winter weather evokes an image of a strong and elegant woman. Camellia’s fresh and slightly sweet scent makes you feel as if you were surrounded by clean air and a gentle breeze of spring, giving you a pleasant, refreshed feel. The name “Koharu” comes from the fact that the camellia trees are known as a sign of the arrival of spring. The red and white aroma stones designed based of a camellia flower were jointly produced with Sukoshiya, a local kiln specialized in Ehime’s traditional Tobe ware pottery. You can enjoy the scent by applying a few drops of the natural aroma oil on the unglazed part of the flower core. Traditionally, red and white in Japan are considered to be lucky colors and are mostly used on special occasions that represent happiness and joy. Based on such idea, the company has employed these colors for the aroma stones. Every time you smell the scent, it will remind you of the good memories from the trip to Matsuyama Dogo. Koharu was brought to life with the hope that visitors would remember Matsuyama also for its good scent.

2020 2nd session Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Koharu Tobe ware aroma stone (Red and white camellia Japonica)
Comes with an exclusive wooden box
A set of red and white camellia Japonica JPY5,000 (excluding tax)