Premium Cotton

TANGO Inc.(Ehime)

Located in Imabari in Ehime Prefecture surrounded by rich nature, the abundant water resources nurtured the renowned towel city that boasts some 120 years of history and an immerse level of knowledge. The entire production process from selecting materials, weaving, dyeing to post-processing is carried out all in one in close collaboration with respective craftspeople, which makes it possible to deliver quality towels that couldn’t be replicated anywhere else in the world. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being wrapped up in a soft, fluffy towel. Olsia particularly focused on creating towels with a soft texture that offers such a blissful experience. The pleasant texture is achieved by the ultra-low-twist yarns made from rare Uganda cotton, which is supremely soft like snow, as well as the world-class technique and devotion of the skilled craftspeople of Imabari. The name “Olsia” conveys the thoughts of the manufacturer to weave happiness into people’s lives. Enjoy the soft texture achieved in hope of delivering happiness to users, which will bring you supreme bliss in your daily life.

2020 2nd session Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Bath sheet, bath towel, compact bath towel, face towel, mini towel
8 colors
White, Silver, Smoke, Cheek, Moss, Honey, Sea, marron
Bath sheet JPY7,000
Bath towel JPY5,500
Compact bath towel JPY4,000
Face towel JPY3,000
Mini towel JPY1,000
(All excluding tax)