WAZAMARUKUN Nishijin brocade cover

Tatsuno Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd.(Hyogo)

“Seiza” is sitting on your heels, which is a formal way of sitting in Japan. However, now that sitting on a chair has become more popular, the practice of sitting in seiza-style has decreased and is less common in daily life. Therefore, sitting in seiza can be painful or your legs can get numb after some time if you are not accustomed to. With the aim of supporting such problems, WAZAMARUKUN is a bean bag cushion that by placing it between the legs prevents your legs from becoming numb and allows you to sit comfortably. The tubular covers are made of gorgeous Nishijin-ori fabric with Japanese classic pattern while the cushion uses a knitted fabric which is extremely flexible. Made with soft air beads, the inner material of the cushion gently supports your body and allows you to sit stably. You can adjust the height by changing the positioning of the cushion. Also, it only weights 150g so it can be easily transported. The name WAZAMARUKUN comes from “Wa” meaning Japanese, “Za” as in “seiza,” and “maru” meaning round, which represents the shape of the cushion.

Tatsuno Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd.
2020 2nd session Award
8 colors
Purple, Yellow, Yellow Panda, Red Panda, Blue & White, Red, Red Flying Dragon, White Flying Dragon
JPY3,580 (excluding tax)