Nambu grooming broom for dogs and cats

Takakura Kogei Inc.(Iwate)

These brooms were developed exclusively for grooming pets to encourage communication between the owner and the pet while offering a moment to relax. The time spent grooming and pampering your pet makes both you and the pet happy. Originally, farmers were making traditional brooms as an additional source of income during winter in the village of Kunohe in Iwate Prefecture. Takakura Kogei Inc. has named this traditional handicraft “Nambu Houki (broom)” and has strived to establish it as a local industry by infusing new breath into the traditional brooms to create original products. These grooming brooms were brought to life inspired by the customers’ who said their pets liked being groomed using a small Nambu broom for cleaning clothes. Takakura Kogei cultivates its own broomcorn without using any chemical fertilizer and oversees all process from seeding, harvesting, sorting, manufacturing to sales. The main feature of its brooms is the curly fibers of the broomcorn, which get their curls from the cold seasonal wind known as “yamase” that blows from the Pacific Ocean to the coast of Iwate Prefecture in spring and summer. These curls allow brushing the pet’s hair gently without hurting the skin while increasing comfort by making a feel like being petted. Also, the pesticide-free brooms are safe even if the pets accidentally chew on.

Takakura Kogei Inc.
2020 2nd session Award
Genre:Daily necessities
M, L
4 colors: White, Beige, Brown, Black
M: JPY20,000
L: JPY25,000
(All excluding tax)