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TOMO GENSHIN is caffeine-free, organic brown rice tea that looks like coffee at first glance. In traditional Chinese medicine, charred brown rice is called “Genshin” and has long been believed to have benefits such as warming and detoxifying the body. Made of carefully roasted domestic organic brown rice, TOMO GENSHIN tea can be brewed like a dripped coffee. The Caffeine-free, organic and additive-free tea made entirely in Japan is also sold in Paris and Monaco, and is the only product for the Principality of Monaco’s royal warrant in Japan. Since it is caffeine-free, you can get true relaxation without disturbing your sleep. In Japan, various grains, animals and plants have been charred and used for folk remedies since ancient times. Charred item has a different medicinal effect than the original substance. Genshin is slowly roasted and charred brown rice with far infrared radiation, and it has been appreciated since ancient times for its detoxifying effect. When you brew the tea, you will get a dark black color like espresso, and you can enjoy the aroma and subtle sweetness of roasted brown rice together with its rich flavor. It can be also used as an ingredient for cooking or baking sweets.

JAT Inc.
2020 2nd session Award
Tetra-shaped tea bags (8 bags)
Drip type (300g)
Tetra-shaped tea bags: JPY1,000 (excluding tax)
Drip bag: JPY1,833 yen (excluding tax)