This product is a Japanese sword display case applied with urushi lacquer at the base for displaying all sizes of Tanto (dagger), Wakizashi (medium length sword) and Katana (sword). The beauty of the swords attracts not only Japanese people but also foreign tourists. However, even if you would like to enjoy looking at the swords, at often times you can only do so at the museums. With this sword display case, you can turn your room into a museum just by plugging it into an outlet. By placing it in a restaurant, bar, lounges, hotel, etc., it provides a solemn atmosphere instantly. Besides, it becomes a topic of conversation among the persons who see it, creating a moment that will be remembered. Displaying a sword is actually quite difficult because it is not possible to make its unique features such as the temper pattern of the blade and iron surface patterns stand out simply by shining light normally. On the other hand, this sword display case was made exclusively for swords by paying close attention to every detail so that you can appreciate the sword under the best conditions. This was only made possible thanks to the tremendous effort of the sword lovers and dealers who collaborated in developing the product through a series of meetings. The display case brings about a new lifestyle that combines Japanese swords with modern housing styles. It is said that watching swords has a calming effect. In fact, swords were actually rarely used in battles and samurai warriors possessed them more for spiritual sustenance. The product also conveys the hope that the swords would be appreciated like a painting while creating a sense of calm in a space to encourage concentration.
2020 2nd session Award
10 lacquer patterns
JPY1,360,000 (excluding tax)