Choconanbu PREMIUM

Komatsu Seika Inc.(Iwate)

Choconanbu PREMIUM is a series of authentic chocolate confections made with Nanbu Senbei. The company has been dedicated to produce new types of Nanbu Senbei products by changing its size and shape, with the aim to pass on the tradition to the younger generations. Brought to life with a hope of delivering Nanba Senbei to more people around the world, this product series was developed by using the company’s technology and carefully selected ingredients while the flavors were supervised by Mr. Hideaki Sarudate, a world-renowned chocolatier born in Iwate. Among the four types, Tablet choco contains chocolate with a smooth and creamy texture blended with small pieces (less than 3.06mm) of crushed crispy sesame Nanbu Senbei and candy-coated roasted almonds. Sprinkled with carefully selected ingredients such as Noda salt from Iwate, Uji matcha and exotic spices evoke an array of flavorful experiences. The product has been awarded 3 stars for three years in a row from International Taste Institute that recognizes producers that demonstrate remarkable product quality over years.

Komatsu Seika Inc.
2020 2nd session Award
Tablet choco (6 pieces)
Shiki’s Sesame (10 pieces)
Midori’s Matcha (10 pieces)
Star Peanut (10 pieces, 20 pieces)
Tablet choco JPY700
Shiki’s Sesame JPY1,000
Midori’s Matcha JPY1,000
Star Peanut 10 pieces JPY556
Star Peanut 20 pieces JPY1,111
(All excluding tax)