Komatsu Seika Inc.(Iwate)

Nanbu Senbei is a traditional cracker originated in the area formerly known as Nanbu Domain (the current area covering central Iwate to Hachinohe and Shimokita Peninsula in Aomori). Due to the cold weather, the region experienced poor harvest, which developed a unique food culture around wheat and buckwheat instead of rice. Made by kneading locally grown wheat with water into dough and baking it with a hand skillet iron mold made of Iwate’s traditional Nanbu Tekki ironware, the crackers were widely enjoyed as a snack. They were also used to cook dish for the soldiers on the field of a battle, and still continue to be a familiar local food loved by people in the region. The company has been dedicated to produce new types of Nanbu Senbei by changing its size and shape, with the aim to pass on the tradition to the younger generations. Choconanbu is a crunchy senbei made by first baking a dedicated peanut senbei which is then crushed and covered with high-quality Couverture chocolate. Enjoy the crisp texture and the sweet flavor of the chocolate that melts in your mouth. From June every year, a special flavor for a limited time is also available which has been well received as “summer chocolate.”

Komatsu Seika Inc.
2020 2nd session Award
Choconanbu (2 pieces, 10 pieces, 20 pieces)
Choconanbu Lemon & Pineapple (2 pieces, 10 pieces, 20 pieces)
2 pieces JPY110
10 pieces JPY550
20 pieces JPY1,100

Choconanbu Lemon & Pineapple
2 pieces JPY100
10 pieces JPY500
20 pieces JPY1,000
(All excluding tax)