Kotowari® Mini Leather Wallet 

Life with Leather(Chiba)

Kotowari™ Mini wallet is thin, small and easy to use while boasting a large storage capacity that offers an optimum style in the cashless society today in which wallets are required not only to have sufficient capacity and great usability, but also to be thin and small. The company has developed a new technology to meet such needs, and produced a patent pending mini wallet made of tanned leather. The corner strap, which is one of the key features which has the patent pending, is a single straight strap located at the upper right corner of the wallet and serves as the flap closure while preventing cards from sliding off the wallet. The slide lock structure that complements it fits like a puzzle and prevent the flap from slipping while keeping the wallet always thin. The corner strap is a completely new way to fasten your wallet, which can be replaced with a fastener or a hook. It is as easy as pulling out with a twist thanks to the flexibility of leather. Also, when you hold the wallet in your hand, by holding the logo mark on the wallet downward, the card and coins become automatically separated by gravity, ensuring the usability of the coin case and the thinness of the wallet. The company uses leather from Tochigi Leather Co., Ltd., which is one of the finest tanneries in the world. In principle, the cow leather used in Japan is tanned from beef hide for meat and uses the resources of life to the fullest extent. In addition, case leather is tanned with plant tannins, making it an eco-friendly leather that is kind to nature.

Life with Leather
2020 2nd session Award
Corner strap catch (3 types available)
Brass rivet (not removable)
Brass hook (removable)
Antique hook (removable)
Blue x Yellow
Green x Yellow
Brown x Yellow
Yellow x Brown
Red and brown
JPY16,363 (excluding tax)