VEDUTA is a unique street-style kimono brand that incorporates latest trend right off the runways as well as Japan’s tradition and sceneries to deliver the world-renowned kimono in designs suited to the modern lifestyle. The zipper attached around the neck allows anyone to wear the kimono easily and quickly. In addition to prevent the kimono from getting out of shape, it uses a fabric that glows in the dark so that the wearer can walk on a street at night safely. While conventional haori (outer garment) is difficult to wear casually in town, VEDUTA’s haori comes with a removable hood to add modern, contemporary twists to make it more accessible. The hakama, which combines traditional kendo trousers worn by samurai warriors with he modern jogger pants, has been sublimated into a sleek, functional wide-leg trousers. The rope obi, which is worn simply by wrapping it around the waist, has been used since the Edo period (1603–1867). VEDUTA’s obi belts are handmade by craftspeople engaged in production of “shimeobi” sacred ropes that can be found at Shinto shrines. The new belt-type obi to which a clear pouch can be mounted is the world’s first obi that has a storage allowing you to carry items such as wallet and smartphone.
Normally, kimono costs around 100,000 yen or even over a million yen. VEDUTA believes that kimonos are not a luxury only for wealthy people but should also be accessible by many people. With this in mind, the company has transformed traditional kimono into a street style fashion by enabling to offer them at less than half of the market price by contriving ways to purchase textiles, creating own designs, and establishing trusting relationship with craftspeople.

2020 2nd session Award
Various designs available
S, M, L
Yukata JPY38,000 – JPY58,000
Obi JPY10,000 – JPY18,000
Haori JPY30,000
Hakama JPY30,000
(All excluding tax)