Tsunageru komono hanger (Connectable hanger)


The connectable hanger is ideal for storing small fashion items such as bags, hats and scarfs. It allows you to freely customize according to your need by connecting hooks. The hook at the top has a stopper to prevent it from falling while the connectable hooks are fastened using a screw so that you can take things easily without having to worry about the hanger falling off. In addition, the rotating part of the hanger is employed with the same structure used in the company’s bag metal fittings, which allows each hook to rotate independently so you can hang various things at once. It can be also hung in wall hooks in addition to clothing racks. Its maximum load is 8 kg, so it is strong enough to hold multiple bags without a problem. You can connect up to seven hooks. The streamlined shape while maintaining strength was made possible by casting. It offers great variations of Pop, Antique and Chic so that it can blend into any settings from formal to casual. There are a total of 17 colors so the combination is infinite. Choose your favorite ones and enjoy keeping your items organized every day. It can also be a good addition to the home interior.

2020 2nd session Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Tsunageru komono hanger (connectable hanger for small items)
Pop (11 colors), Antique (3 colors), Chic (3 colors)
Tsunageru komono hanger JPY720 – JPY1,200 (excluding tax)
J-hook JPY500 – JPY990 (excluding tax)