Kito Yuzu Chocolate Brownie

Ichioka Seika Co., Ltd.(Tokushima)

Kito Yuzu Chocolate Brownie is a rich dessert that has been carefully baked by adding the Kito Yuzu citrus peel produced in Tokushima Prefecture into rich chocolate dough. The refreshing fragrance and sourness of the yuzu bring out the mildness of the chocolate, making it a delicious product to eat even cooled. In addition, Kito Yuzu Chocolate Brownie has obtained Halal certification (certification body: Japan Asia Halal Association) that is given exclusively to products meeting two standards of being “legal under Islamic law” and “healthy, clean, safe, high-quality and high in nutritional value.” Ichioka Seika Co., Ltd. aims at delivering products that can be enjoyed not only by Japanese people, but also by people around the globe. Cultivated in Nakacho Town (formerly Kito Village) in Tokushima, Kito Yuzu is a citrus fruit with a peel of a vibrant color. And its flesh is so juicy with a strong fragrance that can be even retained when processed into confectionery. Located in the basin between mountains with a wide range in temperature, the region is suited for cultivation of high-quality yuzu citrus fruits. In 2017, Kito Yuzu became the first yuzu with a name registered based on geographical indication (GI).

Ichioka Seika Co., Ltd.
2020 2nd session Award
1 piece JPY180 (excluding tax)
5 pieces JPY930 (excluding tax)