Judges' Choice
Award (Europe &
North America)

SHIRASAGI sibo series

Shirasagi Mokkou Co., Ltd.(Ishikawa)

The SHIRASAGI sibo series is made with traditional Shibo-urushi method in which protein is mixed into the urushi lacquer to cause a chemical reaction so that the lacquer becomes sticky and thick. The lacquer is then applied on the product and rapped to create an uneven surface of a distinctive texture. Because the surface becomes strong and less slippery, the method is often applied on the back of trays. The company has developed the product series by incorporating such a practical method into daily life. Dishes applied with Shibo-urushi finish have a fine, leather-like texture that fits well in the hand while making scratches less visible so that users of all ages from children to the elderly can use them at ease. It comes available in five smoky palettes of gray, green, beige, orange, and pink, which blend in with modern lifestyle and interior. A total of eight color patterns are available combined with four colors of natural, black, red, and brown used for the inner part so that users can enjoy selecting their own favorite. In addition, with careful coating, the products can be used safely with hot foods such as curry and stew as well as dark colored foods. Produced locally in Yamanaka Onsen, a hot spring resort in Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture, the sibo series is a genuine Japan-made product.

Shirasagi Mokkou Co., Ltd.
2020 2nd session Judges' Choice Award (Europe & North America) Special Distinction Award
Genre:Daily necessities
4 kinds
S, M, rice bowl for kids, free cup
8 colors
Natural x Beige, Natural x Gray, Natural x Green, Natural x Pink, Urushi Red x Beige, Urushi Brown x Green, Urushi Black x Gray, Urushi Black x Orange
JPY4,200 – JPY5,000 (all excluding tax)
S JPY4,500
M JPY5,000
Rice bowl for kids JPY4,500
Free cup JPY4,200