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The Exclusive and Rare Japanese Tea Series

Chilty Co., Ltd.(Tokyo)

The green tea called “kabusecha” was cultivated at an altitude of 650-meter surrounded by clean air and delicious water in Narao, Shizuoka Prefecture. Normally, tea leaves grow best in warm climates as they are vulnerable to cold, harsh environment. Because the area has snow in winter, farmers make several efforts such as adding lots of grass at the foot of the tea trees to supply mulch so that they can resist snow and coldness. In this way, the tea leaves grow stronger and larger with a deep green color. Also, tea leaves are processed on the same day they were picked because using fresh leaves is the key to produce quality teas. As you pour hot water, Kabusecha offers a distinctive sweet aroma with rich umami and melting taste, which some described as a deep flavor similar to a broth. Cultivated with a special method developed by the local farmers and using well-selected fertilizers, only a limited amount of Kabusecha tea leaves can be harvested every year. Hence, Kabusecha green tea is known as the “phantom tea” for its uniqueness and rarity. The package design employs Bijin Portraits of Utamaro Kitagawa, Ukiyo-e maser from Edo Period while the edges are stamped with gold foil to create a premium and modern feel. The container is a steel can custom-made in Japan applied with a matte finish, which exudes a simple yet luxurious feel. There is a proper way to brew Japanese green tea, but not to worry as it comes with an instruction so that beginners can also make a delicious green tea.

Chilty Co., Ltd.
2020 2nd session Special Distinction Award Japan Post Online Shop Award
Japanese Kabusecha Green Tea “Hikari” 60g
Japanese Sencha Green Tea “Midori” 80g
Japanese Kabusecha Green Tea JPY3,600
Japanese Sencha Green Tea “Midori” JPY2,800
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