Aroma Diffuser


This product uses a built-in fan to diffuse scent of the essential oil dropped on a ceramic plate that serves as a filter. The uniquely designed body can be operated simply by pressing the outer part. It can be charged with USB while the compact size offers great portability allowing you to enjoy your favorite scent easily anywhere. The built-in fan creates an upward airflow and gently releases enticing fragrances into the air from the gap around the ceramic filter. With the support from the manufacturers and fragrance experts, the company aimed at producing a tool that brings out the natural scent of each essential oil. Because the diffuser does not use water or heat and the ceramic plate is washable with water, it is hygienic and can be used safely every day. Fired with a special glaze and handmade by artisans of Shibukusa Ryuzo Pottery, which was established in Hida Takayama in 1842, the filter prevents the oil from exposing to resin or metallic materials thereby retaining the pure fragrance of the oil. The beautiful colors and unique expression of the ceramic plate provide a good contrast to the solid metal base, which blends with various interior spaces. Brought to life through an integration of Japanese traditional craft and the latest technology, the product was exhibited at the Milano Salone in 2018 and received good reviews from customers around the world.

2020 2nd session Gold Award
Genre:Daily necessities
- Aroma Diffuser: 3 colors
Silver, Gold, Black
- Ceramic plate (sold separately): 9 colors
Matte White, Sand Yellow, Matte Black, Wavy Gray, Forest Green, Natural Marble, Contrast Marble, Rough White x Mint Green, Pale Yellow x Cool Gray
- Aroma Diffuser (comes with an exclusive ceramic plate) JPY15,800
- Ceramic plate (sold separately) JPY4,200 – JPY4,800
(All excluding tax)