HYAKUJURO Junmai Daiginjo New moon

Hayashi Honten Co., Ltd.(Gifu)

Since Roman times, it has long been believed that the new moon is a time when wishes are heard and dreams come true. The new moon marks the beginning of new cycle and viewed as a rebirth. It is the perfect time to be at peace and just relax. With this in mind, Hyakujuro Junmai Daiginjo New Moon was brought to life in hope of delivering sake that can be enjoyed slowly on a new moon. The sake is made from remarkable, ultra-soft water sourced from Japan Alps, Hatsushimo rice, known as the phantom sushi rice, grown by a contract farmer in an area designated as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage in Gifu, and G2 yeast developed in Gifu that offers fresh aroma. Produced with the patented, next-generation additive-free brewing method that uses lactic acid bacteria, the resulting sake boasts rich umami flavor while being additive-free and healthy. Hyakujuro Junmai Daiginjo New Moon is mildly sweet with a fresh nose like bergamot and a good acidity. The brand name “Hyakujuro” is named in honor of the Gifu-native kabuki actor Hyakujuro Ichikawa who had donated 1,200 cherry trees about 90 years ago. Subsequently dubbed Hyakujuro-sakura, the cherry trees planted along the river still continues to fascinate many people today. The bottle design is inspired by the distinctive designs of kabuki stage makeup.

Hayashi Honten Co., Ltd.
2020 2nd session Gold Award
JPY3,000 (excluding tax)