Geroko Monogatari Nagomi Series


Gero hot spring resort is known as the birthplace of Japanese traditional medicinal compress sheets. These aromatic sheets are made by applying natural plant extracts to Mino washi paper using traditional methods. Imbued with a subtle aroma of 16 kinds of essential oils from domestically grown plants such as lavender, Japanese peppermint, yuzu citrus, ginger and hinoki cypress, these sheets will infuse your body with a pleasant soothing effect to rid yourself of any aches and pains. Apply them to the sole of your foot, calves, shoulders or lower back for the most effective results. Use them during the day or between your evening bath and bedtime. In addition, Yokihada Soap containing natural plant extracts and essential oils, Nagomi Bath Powder for beautiful skin and Nagomi Mask that has a Nagomi aromatic sheet inserted have been newly added to the series lineup. The soap has a round shape just like a Japanese traditional “tama yokan” sweet that has a jellied bean paste inside a balloon. As you break it with a toothpick, the jelly-like soap comes out. The tray can be used to hold the soap. The fragrance and colors of the soap are both made using only natural ingredients without any preservative so that anyone can use it with peace of mind. Both the new Nagomi mask and the soap have been well received by customers as products to help prevent COVID-19 infections. All items of the Geroko Monogatari Nagomi series, imbued with subtle aromas of essential oils as well as several effects of Japanese-Chinese plant ingredients, will gently soothe your body.

2020 2nd session Gold Award
Genre:Daily necessities
-Geroko Monogatari Nagomi Sheet:
Flower (Fragrance: Lavender, chamomile, geranium, rose, etc.)
Hida (Fragrance: Hinoki, kuromoji, mizumesakura, asunaro, etc.)
Cool (Fragrance: Japanese mint, camphorwood, eucalyptus, tea tree, etc.)
Hot (Fragrance: Yuzu, ginger, grapefruit, raspberry, etc.)

-Geroko Monogatari Yokihada Soap:
Lavender (Edo Murasaki, purple)
Yuzu (Obaku, yellow)
Geranium (Akizakura, pink)
Ylang Ylang (Shirayuri, white)
Tea Tree (Wakakusa, green)

- Geroko Monogatari Nagomi Bath Powder (Flower-scented; milky white color)
- Geroko Monogatari Nagomi Mask (Fragrance: eucalyptus)
-Geroko Monogatari Nagomi Sheet:
1 pack (4 sheets) JPY270
Box (8 packs, 32 sheets) JPY2,000
Box (12 packs, 48 sheets) JPY3,000
Box (16 packs, 64 sheets) JPY4,000
-Geroko Monogatari Yokihada Soap:
1 piece JPY1,600
- Geroko Monogatari Nagomi Bath Powder (Flower-scented; milky white color):
1 pack (3 packets) JPY600
Box (3 packs, 9 packets) JPY1,900
Box (6 packs, 18 packets) JPY3,700
- Geroko Monogatari Nagomi Mask
1 pack (3 masks) JPY454
*All excluding tax
Award winner for five consecutive years from 2016 to 2019 / Gold Award winner for two consecutive years from 2019 to 2020