COFIL fuji

IMARITOGEI Co. Ltd. (Saga)

COFIL is a ceramic coffee filter that does not require a paper (cloth) filter because it has countless small holes of 50 microns (same width as a human hair). It can be used semi-permanently while being washable and hygienic. By passing this filter, the smell of chlorine and impurities can be removed delivering a water softening effect. The new product is made in a shape of Mount Fuji, the symbol of Japan, to make it look more attractive. In addition, great color variations are available so that each customer can find his/her own favorite. Because COFIL ceramic filter delivers greater filtration of oils, you can enjoy the natural flavors of the bean. Compared with paper filters, it produces a richer and crispier taste. And when compared with nel (flannel) drip, the taste becomes milder with a rich aroma. In addition, the ceramic filter can be also used with other beverages such as bottled tea and alcohol. It rounds off the rough edges, making it smoother and easier to drink while bringing out the natural quality and flavors of the drink. Jointly developed with Ceramic Research Center of Nagasaki, COFIL is the first ceramic filter in the industry that offers wide color variations including the two-tone (black and white) version.

2020 2nd session Gold Award
Genre:Daily necessities
6 colors: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Pink, White
JPY4,980 (excluding tax)