SURIPPA by Houstable. JAPAN


SURIPPA by Houstable. JAPAN is a line of high-end slippers suitable as gifts. Slippers have been an important element of Japanese people’s daily life since long ago. Houstable. is a unique brand brought to life to pass on slipper culture and techniques to the next generation. Made in Tokushima Prefecture — one of the few slipper production sites in Japan — in collaboration with skilled craftspeople who use time tested sophisticated techniques, these slippers boast excellent functions as well as exquisite beauty. Employed with a unique udatsu* structure, these slippers have extra space at the toes to achieve a soft, comfortable feel. Also, the toes are raised higher than normal slippers to prevent stumbles. The back portion of the slipper, inspired by Japanese traditional clothes that can be worn by anyone regardless of body type, is wrapped with a fabric with rubber string through it to provide an elastic, perfect fit. The back can be also folded down. The slippers are easy to to put on and take off and the insoles are durable and have good cushioning. The sole has an embossed traditional seigaiha wave pattern that prevents slipping on smooth surfaces. The slippers come available in karacha (Chinese tea brown), rurikon (dark blue lapis lazuli), kitsune-iro (light brown), and azuki-cha (reddish brown) colors. The elegant, bicolored outer box’s design is based on Japanese tansu chests. The box itself is not only suitable for a gift, but also can be used to nicely store the slippers as an interior decorative item. It is a perfect product that allows you enjoy a sophisticated modern Japanese style.
*Udatsu: The slipper structure is inspired by the historical street of Udatsu town in Tokushima, which is lined with old merchant houses from the Edo and Meiji periods. The street gets its name from the distinctive firewall called udatsu built at both ends of a roof. Because they were very expensive, udatsu became a symbol of wealth and advancement of life, so merchants on this street began to try to outdo each other with more intricate designs. Based on such background, udatsu also give rise to the saying Udatsu ga agaru/agaranai, (literally, “able/unable to raise udatsu”) an expression that means being active or vigorous in their lifestyle and economic performances, or the other way around.

2020 1st session Award
Genre:Daily necessities
4 colors
Karacha (Chinese tea brown), Rurikon (dark blue lapis lazuli), Kitsune-iro (light brown), Azuki-cha (reddish brown)
JPY3,500 (excluding tax)