Tokachi-herb-beef's corned beef white & black

Nobels Food Co., Ltd.(Hokkaido)

Tokachi Herb Beef comes from herb-fed cattle in the land of Tokachi in Hokkaido. Healthy cow meat does not have an “off” smell and has a well-balanced amount of marbling within the lean meat, making it taste delicious. The canned corned beef made with Tokachi Herb Beef has a simple taste, and because it does not contain any additives, anyone — including young children — can enjoy it with peace of mind. The White version only contains beef and salt while the Black version made with beef, salt and fragrant black pepper has a slightly spicy flavor. Both products are made only using shank and neck meat, which are slowly cooked until they become perfectly tender and juicy. Please enjoy your first bite without adding anything.

Nobels Food Co., Ltd.
2020 1st session Award
A gift set of three cans
Corned beef made only with Tokachi Herb Beef and salt (White) x 2
Corned beef made with Tokachi Herb Beef and black pepper (Black) x 1
*Comes in a gift box
Net weight
95g per can
A gift set of three cans JPY3,500 (excluding tax)