agney* -Natural bamboo lunch box series-

Nakayoshi Shoji Co.,Ltd.(Tokyo)

Agney* tableware is made of natural bamboo (mousou bamboo). Mousou bamboo grows fast and has a short life cycle of three to five years. Bamboo is a revolutionary natural material that grows efficiently and repetitively in a small space of land. It is one of the efficient ways of use of resources as it can reduce deforestation, which is one of the causes of environmental issues and global warming.
Having access to natural materials from early age nurtures a stable mind and spirit. Children first start learning about the world by instinctively using their five senses —hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch. Therefore, tableware that children touch or put in their mouth on a daily basis is also an important learning tool. Agney* tableware also conveys the gentle warmth of natural materials.
While tableware using popular characters or with a focus on functionality only can be found everywhere today, agney* has taken a different point of view. It is of course cute, natural, and functional, but also it also aims at enhancing the mood at the dining table while encouraging creating good memories. The lunch boxes made of natural materials come available in different shapes, so that children can make fun memories when they go on a picnic or an excursion.

Nakayoshi Shoji Co.,Ltd.
2020 1st session Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Car lunch box
House lunch box
Square lunch box
Rectangular lunch box
Car lunch box JPY11,000
House lunch box JPY6,400
Square lunch box JPY5,400
Rectangular lunch box JPY5,400
(All excluding tax)