Fruits Jelly Collection: Saika no Houseki

Tomizen Foods Co., Ltd(Saitama)

Saika no Hoseki is a series of jellies made with fruit that can be enjoyed at room temperature. It is a selection of colorful fruit jellies with a wide variety of flavors. Each has a rich, fruity flavor. Tasty fruits selected from different countries — including Japan — are used as the ingredients. Fruit juice that is rich in umami flavor and juicy pulp are carefully selected; therefore, the actual fruit flavor is not lost when made into jellies. Each piece is individually wrapped so it can easily be shared at gatherings. This product was released in 1993 and has been a preferred gift by many customers.

Tomizen Foods Co., Ltd
2020 1st session Award
- Fruits jelly
28 standard flavors: Apricot, strawberry, orange, cassis, kiwi, cranberry, grapefruit, cherry, pomegranate, shekwasha citrus, pineapple, blue honeysuckle, banana, grape, blueberry, prune, ponkan orange, Muscat, mango, peach, yuzu, pear, lychee, raspberry, apple, lemon, Ao-ume (Japanese plum), Aka-ume (Japanese plum with perilla)
- Herb jelly
Refreshing flavor achieved by adding herbal extracts (mint, lemongrass, chamomile, rose hip, hibiscus)
- Flower jelly
Fruit jelly in a shape of rose (strawberry, grape, apple, orange, lemon, pear)
- Premium jelly
Rich taste using domestic fruits (Pione grape, Amao strawberry, apple-mango, Shimizu white peach, Hyuganatsu summer orange, Orin apple, crown melon)
- Tokimeki hannari chocolate
Fruit jelly covered with three kinds of Belgian chocolates
15 kinds, 15 pieces JPY500
15 kinds, 25 pieces JPY1,000
15 kinds, 50 pieces JPY2,000
15 kinds, 75 pieces JPY3,000
28 kinds, 92 pieces JPY4,000
39 kinds, 100 pieces JPY5,000
(All excluding tax)